9 worthwhile updates in Mu Online Season 15

Ghost horse, Slayer, chaos New Goblin, New Summon skill master ... is one of the worth of Mu Online update after updating Season 15 Part 1-3. There are many interesting things revealed that the Mutizen eagerly looking forward.

1. Table Master 4 is updated more new skills class

- Table Master 4th in SS15 will have more skill increases damge and tricks for Wing 4, rub this is wonderful because in Master 3 skill increased damge and tricks for Wing 3 Wing 4 does not have the absurd he he
- debuff spells to add 2 more columns, increased time and work for the skill debuffs
Chaos Machine at Goblin 2. Upgraded
- Specifically pressed function from + 10 to + item 15 will not split or consolidation Bless, Soul anymore perturbed machine will automatically use the correct number of requests
3. New Map Abyss Atlans and  Scorched Canyon
- New Map system will look Atlans current map however is a lot stronger monster, monster attributes and attribute defense damge very buffaloes.
4. Production is Level 2 earrings 

- earrings level 2 built, full functionality and options
See: How to make earrings and Level 2 Level 1

5. Update for class Summoner

- Berserker Skills Buff, Buff Darkness, Death Scythe Skill, Explosion, Requiem, Pollution! will be supported in the new Master Master 3 and 4
6.  Horse Properties - Ghost Horse
- Looking forward to most is the appearance of the Ghost Horse !!!! A phantom horse extremely beautiful and strong, all classes can ride

- Horses that can not be used simultaneously with other pets as Uniria and Dinorant.
- However, it can be used simultaneously with the Dark Spirits.
- Horse ghost built in horses and birds NPC mechanism Darklord

Options Ghost Horse
- Ghost Horse can get 1 to 4 random option.

- Ghost Horse can get 1 to 5 optional Elite randomly.
- The basic option of Ghost Horse will be increased according to the level of a pet.

7- New Class: Slayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer
- Appeared Slayer class, a more female characters appear in Mu Online, with characteristic fury and Falling hybrid DK Tribe Devils
Details Class 10th Slayer 

8- max 1200 and Wing Conqueror Level 2
- Level raised max 1200 or for 1100 as in ss14
- Wing Conqueror (Wings of war champion god) can upgrade to level 2

9. Add Ruud set 4- 5 and weapons Ruud Ruud 4-5 Rune Wizard
- in ss 14 class 9th the Rune Wizard quite vulnerable when only set Ruud 4 is the max, now on SS15 has added Ruud 4 and Ruud 5 to give her
hope these updates will revive the class has been forgotten, more horses will make the game more balanced.
We all look forward to it, all their detailed features will update constantly for you.