Handbook any knowledge of Mu Online ss15

Coming to Mu Online ss14 and ss15 we will see many changes, from the system class to the items were extremely fresh, with the emergence of class 10th is the Slayer after Rune Wizard, Grow Lancer launched yet how long.
And that is the system more damge properties with fitted stones of attributes and properties, taking into account mutual restraint, creating powerful picture changed quite a lot. Do we go back 1 plays everything from basic to advanced, director understands all the latest functions Mu Online slightly.

 1. The first is the basic system commands in the latest MU Online. 

Communist command Quick Score
 / addstr  xxx: Czech power
 / addagi  xxx: Czech agile 
/ addvit  xxx: Community Health
 / addene  xxx: Czech energy
 / addcmd  xxx: Czech orders

Commands used in MU Online

/ gpost Chat entire server
/ post Chat 1 channel standing
/ offlevel or / offattack : hanging smelter shutdown level
/ offtrade : hanging vending machine shutdowns
/ pkclear : baptism

Time events in games MU Online the latest.

- Boss Dragon red: Appears at odd hours 0 minutes
- Boss Gold: Appeared 4 hours 1 times from 0:00 am daily
- Army of witches: 2 hours 1 from 0h15p
- Blood Castle: 1 hour 1 times, starting from 0h00, up to 4 times / day (depending on the server limits)
- Devil Square: 1 hour 1 times, up to 4 times / day (depending on the server limits)
- Chaos Castle: 4 hours 1 times from 0h00
- Arca war states each server specified by GM

Deep Loren Event

Loren Deep events at specified time daily 20h.00p, at Vallay Of Loren (goes from Cryworlf or from Lorencia (238.12)
Will appear a monster class that the map: Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan and Land of Trials ..
It was a period of time, will appear the monster class with more numbers, progressively higher level monsters.
Each period has its current monster special monsters like: Mutant Hero, Gagic Golem, Action Hero, Omega Wing and especially Erohim very cattle.
Special kill monsters, players will receive Exellent items (perfect items), especially high-level map Erohim fall.

Guide 3-4 Mu Online tasks

In  MU Online  when it reaches the certain level, players must perform the  tasks rank 150, 220  and  task master  to be able to use the air-higher levels, learning skills more advanced and increased the ability to fight for the character. Guiding the granting of 150, cap220, Master in MU Online

1. Tasks 150 MU Online

This task is divided into 2 phases:

- State 1:
+ Find books monarchs and handed back to the NPC Sevina

Book kingly

+ About Bar in Lorencia to buy and then pay duty on met Sevina.

- Phase 2:
+ Find the item corresponding to your character race Sevina request by NPC:

Warriors - DK will find Broken Sword

Witch - DW will find Soul Witch

Andromeda - ELF will find Tears Andromeda

Wizard - Sum will find Eye Abyss

+ Where found: Back Bar - Lorencia buy and carry on having to pay duty Sevina.

2. Mission 220 MU Online (ring glory)

- Marlon appear random NPC at (Lorencia139,87), (Devias 198.147), (Noria 170.88)
(Atlans 18.25) 

- State 1:
+ Find the ring and give glory NPC Marlon

Ring glory - Ring Of Glory

+ About Bar - Lorencia buy.

- Phase 2  (Only race Warriors - DK have to do to learn the combo skill Q)
+ Find Jewel Stock allocated to the NPC on Marlon

Jewel Stock

+ About Bar - Lorencia buy

3. Tasks promoted Master - MU Online

- State 1:
+ Find Horn Devils United, Hearts lie, Feather of the Phoenix and transferred to the NPC Debin

+ Horns Demon King: Kill the Demon King in Aida
+ Heart Falling Fire: The fire at the end Tarkan Fall Kill 2
+ Feather Phoenix: Kill the Phoenix end of Icarus
Some servers are selling this item in the shop Bar Lorencia
+ About Bar - Lorencia buy and assign them to Debin

- Phase 2:
+ Destroy Balram, Death Spirit, SORAM each grade 20

+ Up Barrack rated 1 time on paid duty for Debin, not enough then spinning again.

- Stage 3
+ 1 Destroy the Dark Elf in map Refuge.

 + Slaying to pay duties, the character promoted to Master and started to learn skill skill master in Master table (Shortcut A)

Tasks Master 2 level 800 in Mu Online
When you reach level 800 you need to do tasks for Master 2 can leveling to level in 1100, after more Master 2 you will receive points Master 2 to plus £ enhancement techniques power for themselves.

Guide on duty 4, Master 2 or task level following 800 in Mu Online.
NPC received tasks: NPC Cent in Lorencia north gate (12)
Conversation NPC, accept challenges Cent takes you to Map small, in which dialogue Cent to join the challenge.
- Phase 1: Defeat Cent 1st
Mark finished dialogue with Cent, Cent will talk about Deep Dungeon map level 1 770 is home to 3 monsters there.
Accepted the challenge, the monster will grow or you move on Deep Dungeon 1 hit also.
Kill each 10 children, have the server requirements of every 5 is completed.
On dialogue with and challenge Cent Cent defeat when monsters around, hit finished Cent is completed Master 2.
Note: Monster Deep Dungeon is quite fragile so may teams on duty nhé

Handbook of Systems Ruud in Mu Online SS15 Ruud is a monetary system in the game Mu Online, was launched from ss10 to now has 5 seasons and systems Ruud amounted to equip level 6Ruud used to buy the items set god and incredibly powerful skill, demonstrating the level of the player. a. Way for Ruud: - You can earn Ruud from the Mastery Box (box kfy secret) in the event such as:+ Blood Castle+ Devil Square+ Chaos Castle+ GaionThere are 3 types of Mastery Box Large box, Box Medium Box SmallOpen Radom box will receive the amount varies each server Ruud prescribedaddition mysterious box (Mastery box) also opened random items such as Bless, Soul or Zen ..)

b.Su Ruud use
Cumulative Ruud you can use at NPC at Etheland or Evenr Square JAMES
Ruud can buy magic sets each class, valuable items or skills upgrading of each class level

c. Set Ruud, Ruud weapons

Using psycho Ruud purchase of each class set in NPC James, you will receive a 4-course set god named Blood Angels (Blood Spirit) or abbreviated as BA.
When buying god Ruud set each class, the item will receive in the form of the seal, you need to unseal to usable items.
Sealing solutions you need to use the Hero Soul (Soul Ancient Hero)
Hero Soul get when you pressed 1 +11 in Chaos magic items Goblin
Note: Only the set level 3+ psycho new presses are Hero Soul example: Vicious, Hyon, Enis ...

After you stage Hero Soul sealed by the Hero Soul and Ruud 1 item in proportion of 80% unseal success.

d. Upgrade Set Ruud

Fitted after unseal the Spirit Set Blood (Blood Angel - Set Ruud 1)
To naangc hamlets to set Ruud 2, Ruud 3, Ruud 4, Ruud 5 and in SS15 is up Ruud 6, you need:
- Item Ruud + 11 16 op upwards
- Material reinforcement upgrade (buy at NPC James)
- cluster 10 Bless
- Cum 10 Soul
- 1 Chaos
- 1 Creation
the success rate is 100%
Ordering upgrade set Ruud as follows:
+ Set Blood Angel (Blood Spirit) upgrade to the Black Spirit (Dark Angel)
+ Set Dark Angel (Dark Avatar) upgrade to the Prophet (HolyAngle Soul)
+ Set Holy Angel Soul (Prophet) upgrade awakened ( Awakening)
+ Set  
Awakening (awakened) upgrade to Blue Eyes 

d. Upgrade Weapons Ruud Unlike set Ruud, Ruud weapons after purchase can be used immediately. Weapons after purchase by Ruud at NPC James is weapons Ruud 1 Blood Angel To upgrade your weapons 2-3-4 Ruud need: + + 11 16 weapons Ruud op upwards + Raw pressed weapon (buy at NPC James) + Cluster 30 bless + Soul Cluster 30 + 1 Chaos + 1 Creation Ratio was 100% successful

Weapons Dragon Mu Online Level 2 in SS15

Since weapons Ruud debut, with only some damge strong formidable weapon dragon (Divine Archangel Weapon) mythical old days led forgotten, however from the SS11 EP2 or older has more Weapons Dragon Level 2 ( upgraded Archangel Divine weapon), was upgraded from level 1 dragon weapons.
Level 2 weapon dragon So nothing special, and how to upgrade how we learn together offline.
Weapons Level 2 has nothing strong dragon?
- Weapons dragon Ange level 2 buff Will: Damage increased by 200, increase skill dameg 50 apply to all teams, so the team has a user level 2 dragon weapons will be extremely advantageous.
- Level 2 Weapons dragons have stronger weapons damge Ruud 2 and especially the requirement to hold it supports pretty much point for your character

Upgrade weapons Dragon Level 2 ( Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon)
- Need Weapons Dragon Level 1 + 15 16 op
- Hammer upgrade Archangel Hammer
- 30 bless
- 30 soul
- 1 Chaos
- 30 Life
To create Hammer Archangel need have
- 30 Authorization Heaven
- 10 Bless
- 10 Soul
- 1 chaos
-1 Creation
- 1 stone guardian

Fabrication of wings (Wings) in Mu Online SS15

To know how to make wings (wings) of Mu Online, first you need to know Stone Soul
- Stone soul are necessary ingredients in the recipes of wing
+ Stone Soul Contents: Fabrication wings level 1
+ Stone Soul lam: Manufacturing Wing Level 2
+ Stone Soul Red: Manufacturing Wing Level 3

fabricating stone soul as follows:
at NPC Chaos Goblin in Noria select line 2 "creating stone Launchy's Runny plug)
- create a stone soul continent need Supplies + 7 5 op upwards
- create stone soul lam need map Excellen + 9 4 op or more
- to create momentum red soul need psycho + 9 12 op upward
Depending op level that you will get more or less the amount of ice.

a. Tier 1 manufacturing wings (wing 1)
- Weapons chaos +4 4 op upwards
- Stone soul continent
- 1 Chaos
can be for jewels to increase your success nhé%

b. Fabrication wing level 2 (wing 2)
- Wing Level 1 (as + high high rise% success)

- Badge Imperial or Feather (depending on the class you wanted to)
- Stone soul lam
- 1 Chaos

c. 2.5 grade wing manufacturing (2.5 Wing) Wing 2.5 is the upgraded version of Wings 2 Wings 2.5 can not make materials to create Wing 3, so it is just a stepping stone wing 2 when you no wing 3 only. Fabricating Wing 2.5 as follows, requires: - Wing 2 by race 4 op upwards - 1 Creation - 1 Chaos - Special ingredients: + Leather devil: Finished edge composite materials for MG and DK (Kill Devil Wang picked) + Feather of the Phoenix: The wing DW RW MG (Kill Phoenix in Icarus) + soul falling Fire: The wing SUMMONS (Kill dropped in Tarkan) + bones death: Finished gown DL RF GL (Search in Lost Tower) + Stone soul: Finished off 2.5 ELF

d. Fabrication wing level 3 (wing 3)

Raw materials for manufacture of wing level 3
- Feathers Condor (Che came through grade 2 + chaos + cre + 10 Soul + rock soul red)
- Soul Condor (Kill Monster brack or go Devil picked)
- 30 chaos
- 30 Bless
- 30 Cre
- 30 soul
- soul Lam Stone
success rate 40% can add charms to increase% success

e. Fabrication wing level 4 (Wing 4) Raw materials for manufacture Wing 4 should: - Feathers of Garuda (processing from wing 3 + 13 + 30 Soul + 30 chaos + 30 Bless + 30 Cre + Stone Soul Red) - The Flame Garuda (Mark monsters in Deep Dungeon or lowering Boss picked) - Debris Kundun X50 (Mark monster swam of Darkness or hunt Boss picked) - 30 Bless - 30 soul - 30 Chaos - 30 Cre - Stone soul red rose% to the success rate is 40% more maximum ratio pearl is 10% to 50% success.

Add attributes for Wing 4 One of the distinctive features of Wing 4's features can add attributes to it. With this feature in addition bring large damage, absorb high damage, wing 4 also bring damge and player attributes extremely effective way to add attributes to Wing 4 - Mosaic flexible jelly on wing 4 as follows: Raw : - Wing 4 - Spirit jelly ( errtel  )   rank 1 + 4 and above ( see section Linh Thach  errtel  below ) - 9 debris Kundun - 3 stone red soul success rate was 90% compressions success, Wing 4 will additional attributes based op errtel  put 



Upgrading properties for Wing 4 Meet NPC ADNIEL in ELBELAND (38.216) to upgrade op properties for Wing 4, select "Raise property level off," Ingredients: - Wing 4 had the op attribute - Stone attributes ( the higher op need more ice, this ice bought at the shop Bar Lorencia) - Ngoc prime rate to increase% successful - 1 million zen

f. Angel and Devil Wings (Angel and Devil Wing) Angel and Devil Wing - wing angels and demons have been hitting bos Golden Kundun and Golden Hell Maine picked rate, duration of use 7 days or 30 days. Million Islamic Golden Kundun or Golden Hell Maine by hunting Golden Goblin at the map level you will pick up the Book of Titan - Mark Titan brother can pick up the Book of summoning Tantalose - Mark Tantalose you can pick up books summon Erohim - Mark Erohim brother picked Books summon Hell Main - Mark Hell Main brother can pick up the Book of summoning Kundun or wing Angel & Devil shelf 7 to 30 days low rate. - Mark Kundun compliant m can pick up off Angel & Devil shelf 7-30 days

Wing quite nice so you should also try nhé

g. Wings of War Spirit Championship (Conqueror Wing) How to fabricate Conqueror Wing: - 1 Conqueror Badge (Badge conquer) - 10 bless - 10 Soul - 10 Life - 1 Chaos Rate the wing is 100%, op bad luck Items Badge Conqueror get rewards from special events such as: - the city - tournament Brothers to experience slightly.

Handbook of Elemental Pentagram system in Mu Online

What is the system properties?
From Season 7 onwards, Webzen released Pentagram, the attributes loaijq UAIS with ascending, extended the damge Boss also attributes.
Therefore hunting requires the boss characters must be equipped with attack and defense attributes damge, should equip Attribute Books (STT)
Damge and Def attribute upwards extremely important to train the hell, boss hunting, pk

Detailed attributes.
- Attributes are applied to both players and monsters
- There are five types of properties: Land - Water - Wind - Fire - Darkness
- When equipped with STT, characters will often damage Souls and damge property damge
- The property is repelled by each other

Damge attributes.
Damge attributes from the characters themselves attribute incremental Books +

damge properties of the components of cumulative fossil (errtel) attached to books

Of attributes:
- There are many types of properties with the index damge / def different
- books 180 and of grade 300
- books get from hunting boss
- can be inlaid jade into the slot of the book to increase the damge and index of books
- each of the hidden line, while satisfactory activates hidden line
- can be upgraded up + 1-2-3 ... 15 books as other items.

Selection of attributes like that depend on each class, so we can only experience the reality and choose

Books often have 4 slots properties open, slot Thursday should have items that extend the luminous Statistics
Fine expansion slot 5 with pharmaceutically from piecing expand 1-2-3-4
The extended piece 1-2 -3-4 get when boss hunting or events

Linh Thach (Errtel)

flexible jelly (errtel) is the kind of pearl mosaic in the book attributes (pentagram) to enhance the book's index.
Flexible mosaic op jelly can trigger hidden effects of creating the book.
Linh Thach (errtel) 5 corresponding 5 slot in the book
- Spirit fossil rage (Errtel of Anger)
- Spirit jelly Blessing (Errtel of Blessing)
- Spirit jelly spirit (Errtel of Integrity)
- Spirit jelly Spirituality ( Errtel of Divinity)
- Spirit jelly Quang Minh (Errtel of Radiance)

How to get Linh Thach (errtel)
 - bosses at the map with the hell properties - Combination of materials: debris Mithrel by enemies in the map belong compute

Upgrade Rank for Errtel Errtel will initially have Rank 1 + 0 Upgrade to Rank 1 + 7 or higher are possible up to be Rank 2 Errtel upgrade Rank 2 + 7 and up can up to Rank 3 for Errtel Residential as How max 5 ranks, each rank max of 10 levels

Linh Quang Minh jelly (Errtel of Radiance) This is a flexible jelly in slot 5 of the book attributes, this quartz components have extremely hegemony options should usually very expensive and hard to find. Features of Radiance - Rank 1 of it only damge attributes - Rank 2 gives effect to absorb the blow like: + Absorb Life: Absorb the damage to the blood + Absorb SD: Absorb the damage on SD + Bastion : Create a shield when SD has less than 20% - Rank 3 gives the effect of terrorism as follows: + Paralyzing: bondage - slow, reduces healing by 90% + Punish: cause damge by 40% blood maximum enemy + bleeding: Causes bleeding in the 50s + Binding: Paralyzes the enemy foot

+ Blinding: causing blindness as the opponent misses 80%

Flexible luminous jelly get well from mosaic and boss hunting, but rarer way Others lot.

Flexible upgrade jelly (errtel) as yet?
NPC ADNIEL in Elbland or Acheron select line 2

- Spirit jelly (errtel)
- Stone attributes (such stones bought in Barlorencia)
Click combination
- Success is Errtel level up in rank
- Failure then all disappear =))

- the highest level of +10
- Using additional attribute chaos amulet to avoid losing Errtel failure 

Upgrade Rank for Errtel
upgrade at NPC ADNIEL select line 7
- Requires 2 parts jelly identical in rank + 7 or higher, do not need the same type

- Success will keep that left more 1 Rank, the Rank old index + stays

Socket item system in Mu Online

- socket system that features from version Season 4.
- By linking  Ngoc Elements  on items with Socket will increase the power of the 1 items significantly.
- Three steps to mount pearl element into the socket items:

  • + Step 1: Create nut element
  • + Step 2: Create jewel element
  • + Step 3: Inlaid pearl elements on items

  • 1 / Seeds element  

    - How to create atomic particles: 
    + By ELBELAND (46: 242) or Lorencia (151: 158) met the Master Seed.
    + Select Purification Element.
    Place the items necessary to refine atomic particles.
    The success rate + 86%
    + If failure of gems will be lost, items will be reduced levels.  - Assorted Nuts Element:

    2 / Jade element

    - How to create Jade Element: 
    + By ELBELAND (46: 242) or Lorencia (151: 158) met the Master Seed.
    + Select Injection Mold.
    Place the items necessary to refine Jade Element.
    The success rate + 83%
    + If it fails all the items will be lost.  - The Jade Element type:


    Shape kinds Jade Element

    II. Jade mosaic elements into items  - The mosaic Jade Element: + By ELBELAND (49: 242) or Noria (167: 98) met Researcher Seed. + Select Inlaid Jade. Place the items needed to mosaic Jade Element on items. + Success rate of 100%



    - Additional Option:  
    + Option bring Jade Element addition, there are more options arise during installation.
    + Option additional separate distinction as "The feature element" and "Feature socket".  

    1. Feature elements: - Each item when  mosaic Socket  order party Ngoc Prime rate table below will appear more additional option. 2. Socket Features: - Jade Element fill the entire socket item is used.


    Additional features socket

    - These items can be equipped with Socket:

    Having fun.