How to build 4 Master tree in Mu Online SS15 all class to full power

Mu online season 15, the master 4 table has changed quite a lot, especially the max point plus one skill up to 40 points, making the Master 4 points up extremely diverse, making many people confused in 4 master points added correctly to be able to play most effectively for each class

How to accumulate Master 4 points depends on whether or not you intend to increase your monsters to max monsters or pvp, so it is difficult to meet both, but I would like to give you an effective plan to earn points for Master 4 The most in each level level offline.

1. Level 800 to 825 (with 25 points in Master 4)

Oh, because this stage is quite less fighting, mainly increasing the attack power of the main skill, so you increase 10 points to the main skill, 15 points to the skill to increase the damage of the main skill.
So the damage has increased, increasing the amount of damage done in 1 more move.

2. Level 825 to 845 (with 20 more points in Master 4)
This stage is still about leveling up, increase 10 points in the debuff table to increase 10 points in Increase DMG for increased damage.

3. Stage lv 845 to 895 (get 50 more points in Master 4)
Train another 50 levels, we will have 50 more points in Master 4, then you add to the skill set to increase the main skill. . 4. Level 895 to 945 (with additional 50 points in Master 4) Now you should add 40 points to the Debuff area to light up the Icrease Skill DMG skill, add 10 points to the  DMG Skill , you will see a sharp increase Always, the Icrease Skill DMG skill greatly increases the damage, guys, this skill is a top priority.

5. Level Lv 945 to 1055 (110 extra points Master 4)
Of course, put 80 points into the Debuff area to get 130 points, then the  Icrease Skill DMG skill can increase up to 40 points, bringing the amount of damage Very big, guys.

After stage lv 1055 After increasing max skill  Icrease Skill DMG you return to increase other skills depending on the version you play, depending on the purpose of play.
- If you play MU has reset function, you add 10 points to Weapon DMG Increase skill to increase damage.

- If you play MU reset, increase the maximum HP skill to increase buffalo.

Next is depending on the class you choose to increase the box to suit, namely.
- DK goes into tanks that increase points and increases VIT
- DW increases into cells that increase magic attacks (sticks)
- ELF increase into tanks increases points and increases AGI
- MG increases into cells that increase magic attacks (sticks)
- DL Increase into the sword offensive box.
- SUM increases in increasing cells and select ENE
- RF increases in increasing cells and select AGI if using aRF or VIT if in vRF
- GL increases in increasing points and select AGI
- RUNE increases in tanks with magic attack
- SLAYER increases go to the boost box and select STR

Wish you have a good experience with MU onlien ss15