How to build a character 10th - Slayer in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

Before discussing how to build mu online slayer could see Slayer is rated Class physical damge damge not allowed. Slayer Sword weapon to use short, can be equipped with 2 hand 2 should make promises quite terrible amount of damge.

Photos Slayer took 2 short for me easy to associate class assassin in other online games.

When creating your character, as well as visual equipment, weapons of Slayer have seen points Agi required is quite high, at first I thought that the line has increased specializes Agi as Grow Lance, however, to play, to level and start increased point I realized that Slayer increase Attack Strength to both basic skills and% damage, which is really horrible.

As we people know, DK to% damage skills (skills Atk Pwr%) must be sacrificed large salaries to increase in Ene point. However Slayer does not need, she kept increasing in strength, power and fast hands on skills% damage also increased, horrible.

Slayer skill most amount of food that the other class dreams are: DETECTION DW teleport Errors discovered hidden within the Teleport, which lasted 1 minute, 5 second cooldown.

So we can have right way  
builds mu online Slayer  basically have two directions: 

1. Slayer Strength - SSL - Streng Slayer

- Ene min
- Vit min
- Agi add enough speed jumps are rated shows damge (range 115-120) 
- Streng add all the remaining point number

soon have increased power ultrafast hand that% damge rose together always, his character dressed shop, 162 levels that can train reached fairly simple level, cushy. 

2. Slayer Agi - ASL - Agility Slayer

- Ene

- Vit: min
- Streng add enough to wear heavy armor
- Agi add all the remaining point number

 etc. You should follow only when the map momentum Agi Slayer crisis, high level then, when there is enough mana, ag to implement skills development.
When the map is weak so the lines will get much Streng.
This line will wear the socket, with the amount of damge jump quickly, terror attack speed, dodge terrible.
Currently their are still more tests to give the most standard path for your reference.

Table 3 of the Slayer Master
Class should tables Master pretty sketchy, buff few basic skills and be yourself as the other class, quite tasty with damage skill with weapons intercepted in Table 1 Master 3

Table Master 4 please refer to the links below you to say more about  the build mu online master slayer 4 offline.