How to build a Dark Lord (DL) character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

With the low season you play as 6.9 server or earlier, adding points table C is very important. Each location must be forewarned (the server does not reset). MU Online season also with higher as 11 or more, Group C no longer so important. Instead, build according to the table guide Master 3 (A) and more Master 4 (Ctrl + A).

Basic information
Name : Dark Lord - DL
Characteristics : Flexibility builds many different advantages and horses through the province. Used mainly to master Guild - all league

Skill damage :

Although there are many skills but all interested 4 skill oats are:
Fireburst: Burning fire chain, with the splash effect. Common skills of DL 
Earthquake:  Stamp horse, which acts to repel the enemy and causing one injured certain amount of determination.
Firescream:   Attack within a fixed, 3 flame is spread out from the front character
Chaostic:  Skill lvl 220, hitting a 1-stream darkness potentially high damage, hit wide range. 
Wind Soul:   Skill Ruud, the perfect combination between fireburst - chaostic. Large commercial power, wide-range hit, the speed of fast moves.

Buff - Support for individual and team:

Summon :  To convene the party comrades.

Increase Critical Damage :  Strengthening the critical damage.

Build a total of 4 main directions. PvP, PVM, and DL DL blood through the province.
Go hunting and even set damge DL boss Ruud PvP should also add defense shield spend Socket set really high.
See how to identify and map set Ruud socket )

1. DL Agi 

  • Pros: Czech point of this kind brings DL rated speed (speed) high, good evasion, PVM good boss hunting. If up enough toys can use pvp.
  • Cons: Hao mana when used to invest carefully.
Use skill Ruud (Windsoul) as the main skill.
Increase point: Str 727, Agi max. The remaining point not necessary.

2. DL Str

  • Pros: A plus point for PK DL very popular. Damg loud, often used to pvp, investors can properly balanced DC all char :)) advantage when bringing horses into Battle core.
  • Cons: Requires players need investment, poor PVM.
Using this skill as primary Ruud
Increase Point: Str 2000 ~, agi 700 minimum.

3. DL Vit (Hp)
  • Advantages: use of CTCs, blood is plentiful, healthy cattle, often directed to stand the PA.
  • Cons: Not able to pvp, PVM is.
Use summoned as the main skill to lead a siege only.
DL plus point of this kind is simple: str, agi, cmd, minimum wear summoned learned skill, remaining cornered Vit (Hp).

4. DL through the province
  • Pros: Less investment costs, the amount damg crisis, QAI farm fair, appropriate to avoid PK team AFK.
  • Cons: PVM poor, less well according pvp.
Using the crystal as the crow skill.
CMD point increase focus on to improve the ability of crows attack.
Master 400, table 3 basic DL crows.

Fine lines crows are quite difficult to train or fight but the solo pants, that is also extremely annoying, just run away and Crow attack caused discomfort and dying enemy ie =))