How to build a Dark Wizard (DW) character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

Witch - Dark Wizard - one character "pillars" of the MU continent. Appeared in the first season and until now. DW remains an indispensable character in every game!

Basic information

Name: Dark Wizard - DW. Vietnamese: Witch. The foreigners called SM (Soul Master - named after a promotion tasks are done)
Born: Village Lorencia - Mutizen.
Features: Attack and damage spells. There are buffs for himself and teammates.

Skill Damage

Witch is much unmatched skill. I just emphasize some common skill, high damage in pvp and users PVM.
For level below 800 is mainly used Summoning spirits and ice rain.
  • Evil Spirits - Summon the soul - Black Dragon: Skill widespread damage. Summon evil spirits do damage to opponents within the beat. Mainly used in monsters PVM.
  • Ice Storm - Rain snow: Skill damage locally. Create a rain of snow fall on the enemy, dealing damage and effects slow (slow). Used in PvP.
800 level up when completing tasks 4. You will have 2 directions other options were:
  • Meteor Strike - Meteorites: Note not be confused with the basic skill Meteor offline. These are purchased from NPC Priest skill Ruud James. Local damage. Created the first meteor strike on the enemy. Is used much in both PvP and PVM
  • Meteor Storm - Storm asteroid: This is bought from NPC Priest skill Ruud James. Widespread damage. Creating a meteor storm damage to all enemies in range reviews. Mainly used in PVM.

Buffs and support.

  • Soul Barrier - Mana Shield - Round energy contact: Creates one circle of energy shielding and absorbing part of the damage. Can use for themselves and their allies in the party.
  • Teleport - teleport: Skill support themselves. Temporary "stealth" and moved in close range. Can penetrate walls.
  • Teleport ally - Move teammate: Skill support. Help shift allows teammates like teleportation.

Build DW guide in MU Online Season 13

DW has 3 main directions that build PVM, PvP and support teams (buff mana shield)
Indeed, PVM line and how rising PvP DW also almost the same. Optimization purposes permitted damage plus high attack rate - causing constant damage to kill the enemy. Difference was that while PvP we will have to give more priority to Hp (in master 3 and 4) to "live long" over. As for the Hp PVM only moderately, withstand power type of monster - Get compensated defense attack is okie!

ESM - Soul Master energy - flow PvP

Predominantly skill Rain and snow level up 800 Meteors (Meteor Strike).
DW adding this point is pretty good depending on each customization, but still must comply with the following principles:
  • - Strength (str) enough to carry weapons and equipment.
  • - Hp (vit) should not increase.
  • - Agility (agi) and Energy (ene) a reasonable balance. For example, ene 1504 to get bonus dmg wizard, the rest get agi. Agi up on 1021 or push to get the bonus attack rate.
The increase agility not only help attack speed and ability to hit high. But also increases% damage absorption of Mana Shield, very beneficial in all circumstances! View of Mana Shield at the end slightly.

Plus point PvP line DW Group C

DW PvP master plus point 3 A (> 400 level)

DW PvP master plus 4 points Ctrl + A (> 800 level)

ESM - energy Soul Master - Field PVM specialized farm monsters.
DW point adding this line essentially identical to PvP.
Table C unchanged.
Table A does not increase or increase less Hp. As in full Hp cells, eliminating enemy defenses will not increase. Instead increases all damage points on the cell increase.
Ctrl A similar table. The only other, leaving no increase Hp, focusing on damage.
(Photos will be updated soon)

ASM - agility Soul Master - Field Trip support mana shield buff

The basic principle of this DW line is a priority for every frequency agility disabilities (agi), minimizes the points str, fully dressed ene..chi to learn skill Mana batons and shields (Soul barrier - energy circle )
Explain a little bit about Mana Shield:
% Absorption = 10 + damage agi / 50 + ene / 200
For example:
Increase their agility and 600 ene 1200
=> 10 + 1200/50 + 600/200 = 10 + 24 + 3 = 36. So his Mana shield absorbs 36% damage enemy was hit.


For the low season, the plus point dw Group C brings influence. This is a very headache for residents Mutizen. But with the season higher as 11 or more. Table C is no longer so important.
The difference of a few dozen points in Group C may be offset by the master table A and Ctrl A.
On the other hand the development of MU Online diversified in recent times, such as: System Ruud, system attributes ... make the game become much more diverse.