How to build a ELF character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

As we all know, race Andromeda (ELF) is one race (Class) own fighting style and gameplay is quite unique. We can build a first class support terrorist Elf when the lines of pure buff, or assassin class with pure lines dame, dame amount accrued from 220 uninterrupted skills practice enough to kill all opponents.

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First Female  of the character of the Noria is ancient lineage. They believe they are the first extended family lines of MU before the human and goblin. A  Fairies  in Noria has retransmission rangho has a subtle beauty and charm. But they seem to avoid the battle nhungkhong can say that they shy. The  Andromeda  has taught people skills dungcung skillful. No one can win Fairies in a battle with bows. The  Fairies  of Noria also has a covenant with the other clans and treaties which have swept them into the war. 
The ability of  Andromeda  is an integral part of a group. Energy  Andromeda  can support as increasing magic prop, strengthen or restore health and they can summon monsters in battle. Andromeda strength startling range fighters, they attack very quickly and the ability to avoid high attacks are  Fairies  lines become fishers "melee" amazing. 

1. How to gain AE - Agi ELF - ELF war

- This line features enormous damage, defense pretty well, less blood, often hit careless enemy will die together.

Increasing the standard:
+ Str enough dressing
+ Vit   Min
+ Ene   Min
+ Agi max number of points are

Build the lines AE Elf war we will have one more warrior-range shot extremely horrible, skill Multi Arow obtained from chemical weapons will be terrible when the name lv strength and learn Master 800 4.

AE will shoot five arrows caused damge shot really ought to speed very quickly, because of this, so you should pay attention to increase the master 4.
Set map AE is set suitable for high Ruud higher good: See how to make set Ruud for Agi Elf

Master 4 improperly will increase DIS GAME even when shooting skill in Devil Square Blood brothers Caslte or offline.

Table increase skill point and Agi ELF Triple Shot

Table 3 of the AE master

4 increase the standard master tables are not going BL DIS - DV

2. How to increase eE - Elf Buff

Increasing to her powerful buff for team boss fights, war state, going events 
Suggested increasing this line:
+ Str enough dressing
+ Vit : min
+ Agi enough dressing
+ Ene max

Can see this line with the line 1 is not much different, except that if the first team hit just war is just buff elf was good to endure still more precious than the blood to damage the paper.

This flow results primarily severance brothers do acc side should not have much to say.

Having fun.