How to build a Magic Gladiator (MG) character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

Gladiators - Magic Gladiator (MG) is the quintessential combination between strength and magical power DK DW. Therefore the MG has strong skills in swordsmanship, has hidden internal forces from dark magic inherited from his wizarding blood.

MG has 2 main direction which is the direction in accordance with the strength and direction of residual magic followed.
Please shared standard for MG builds as follows:

1. MG War - SMG - Streng Magic Gladiator

Calculation physical damge of MG
- Damage max = Str / 4 + Ene / 8
- Damage min = Str / 6 + Ene / 12

However, with the increase Ene MG increases% damage no absolute way (skill) should best leave from Ene always increase, taking the dame from the health Str.

- This line may be hit by spells strength cutting blows to training, PK, use 1 of 2 skill Ruud damge very loud Skill Ruud buy at NPC James sell Ruud at Elbland )
- With this line we build as follows:
+ Ene increased 100 took little mana, then erase also
+ Vit not increase
+ Agi 800-900 112-115 base rate is sufficient
+ Streng All remaining point number
Use of Weapon Skill to train the hell fine.
Learning 2 skill Ruud to PK and hunt boss, damge enormous
Field SMG may cause damge quite large but the speed jump damge, ability buffalo attack impossible as DK to this line there are not really pros, only one new extreme passion only increased with this line, because it is very handsome sword ^^

Skill Power Slash (the strike force) train is

Skill Ice Blood Ruud himself studied under this skill to cut Boss

Table 3 and 4 of the SMG Master yourself playing

2.  MG Authority - EMG - enery Magic Gladiator

- Damage allowed max = Ene / 4
- Damage allowed min = Ene / 9

- This field is primarily used to train electrical storm spells, casting spells pk Ruud  ( Skill Ruud buy at NPC James sell Ruud at Elbland )

- With this line we build as follows:
+ Str enough dressing
+ Agi 300-350 (note + speed rated dressed for support to roll AGI)
+ Vit not increase
+ Ene increasing all the the remaining point

EMG is still the most preferred for its ability to quickly train the skill level electrical storm, pk, use skill Ruud extremely effective.
EMG conditional use primary weapon is the weapon dragon 1 or 2, the remaining hands look big weapon hit rate, op delicious excel as 2% damge allowed, damge / level / 20, damge allows ...

Skill Storm Giganic EMG land train

Dark Blast PK skills to all of you

Increasing Master 3 and 4 EMG

Hopefully the next Season, NPH Webzen will buff up a little to his strong MG enthusiasts EMD wild red hair which proclaimed marketing opportunities, alternative father DK too spread in every season then ^^