How to build a Rage Fighter (RF) character in MU Online - ss15 Non Reset

Please share it to you how to play RF point increase efficiency

First ask about the effect the increase point in each attribute, affect damge types of RF attack.
- Streng (STR) increases force attack fixed
- Agility (Agi) increases% damage skill range, speed hit, dodge, defense
- Vitality (Vit) increases% damage spells access war, increased blood
- Enery (Ene) increased mana, increases% damage physical skills (Dragon Roar ..)
So increasing RF 3 basis points, respectively with 3 lines using skills to attack the monsters are:
- Attack range (aRF)
- Offensive melee (vRF)
- Offensive form (eRF)

Below I will detail how to gain for RF 3 as follows:

1. How to gain ARF - Rage Fighter Agility - Line Train level

way RF gain in this direction is the most preferred because of its safety, RF will be rated fast speed, defensive rather, increase skill damage  Dark Side pretty terrible, suited train level, council fight, punch thief hiding columns ^^
With scoring points as follows:
- Agi percent increase ranged damage
- Strength (STR) increases damge fixed
- Vitality (Vit) increased with increasing blood damge fixed also.
The most effective ways to increase the lines for the Mu none ARF reset
+ Ene min or 100
+ Str enough dressing
+ Vit min
+ Agi add all of points remaining

Table Master Master 3 and 4 for the ARF as follows:

2. How to gain VRF - Vitality Rage Fighter - Series PK
- Vit percent increase melee attack power, increase the damge
- Strength Tonic hand
- AGI, Ene min
way to increase efficiency is by line VRF pk
+ str enough dressing
+ Agi enough dressing
+ Ene not increase
+ Vit add all of points remaining
rise stream VRF will have blood super big, moves melee as Chain Drive, skill weapon and skill Ruud is Sprit Hook has damge very loud.
Pvp solo fit when retrofitted major damge set response.
Increasing VRF points for their table C, you can see the monster punches that blood DeepDungeon 1 dc 54000, damge enormous, blood crisis.

Table 3 and 4 of his Master

3. How to gain ERF - enery Rage Fighter - Train Level Field
This line at the player, but if you know how to increase standards, add 4 table master skills enhancement will shape the train line pv very terrible monsters as possible of hitting multiple targets of skill Dragon Roar, I will raise the point as follows:
+ Str  enough dressing
+ Agi  enough dressing
+ Vit  not increase
+ Ene  add all of points remaining
use skill Dragon Roar beat to train level, increased 3 and 4, the finished master skill will no longer delay should be rated very coffee marbles.

Table Master 3 and 4 for ERF brothers reference.

Wishing you happy.