How to build a Rune Wizard (RW) character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

General introduction

MU Online server Korea updated version with additional Season XIV notably adding Rune Wizard 9th class. 17th anniversary of the release, on 16/10/2018 past Wezben has officially launched the version with many additional Season XIV noticeable. Prominent among them is the introduction of a new class after 4 years of silence called Rune Wizard. 9th class of MU Online is a combination inspired by two of the three original classes, Dark Wizard and Fairy Elf. Five other classes can only be unlocked with in different ways such as achieving a certain level or class change card purchase.

Rune Wizard is a half-elves are born between boats of Arka noble elves and wolves. People of the empire Mu have been taboo for kids race Fairies, so quiet, they leave the empire and moved to a village to sell elite named Iria where they live in harmony jar.
However, even when raised Rune Wizard, army battling Lemuria passing Iria village where Arka village and neighboring villages fought against army Lemurian. Can not beat the elite troops, Rune Wizard parents lost their lives in battle.

Rune Wizard builds guide (plus basis points)

The class character of the line as Rune Magic Wizard, DW or Sum usually have 2 main direction that is pure dmg build permission - max ene can and agi line - increased agility can max.

ARW - agility Rune Wizard - train line level + PvP

Predominantly plasma Skill Ball, after up to 400 can learn more skill is Ruud Lighting storm.
Skill Plasma Ball and Ruud Lighting Shop storm purchased at NPC James in ELBELAND
See more about Ruud system here: System Ruud

When the train should Set 1 auto skill is skill Lightning 2 storm and the plasma ball. The reason is because the skill Plasma Ball afternoon time is 2 seconds, while Lightning storm may hit repeatedly. Combined can cause a large amount of damage

Group C plus points:

Enough power to take up arms, the blood does not increase in Group C. Energy Lightning storm enough to learn the skill. Rest piled upon to take the attack speed agility.
Adding more agi outside getting high attack speed, also brought two great advantages when PK were:
  • Increases dodge when PK (defen rate). Beat his opponent will miss more
  • Increased ability to move (both PvP and PVM). His opponents will be less hit than miss.

Plus point master table 3 (Table A)

Plus point 3 Rune Master Wizard

Rune Wizard 3 points plus his master not optimal for all the damage, but only to a moderate level. Increase blood volume for maximum recovery and 100% of blood to withstand the strongest map, bosses and when PK.
Leftovers some point you can increase wear and tear on equipment protection. Or if you increase the wing 3 to 2 cells increased damage and def taking wing 3 in the last row and column 1 near the end.
Rune Wizard master plus 4 points (with Ctrl + A) train line level
After the test a few days, I noticed that the farm will be faster when using Monster Magic Skill Arrow. Because if you use spells like Lightning Storm plasma or will take longer to develop skills while hell was clear very quickly.
Moreover when using Haste buffs hit the Magic Arrow acceleration becomes delicious 😀

Plus point 4 Rune master wizard MU SS14

Explain a little bit about the image above:
  • No increase in Hp for Hp has increased in the master 3. This time around ~ 4k Hp. High enough to stand the map without fear of death.
  • Stun slowing debuff to increase / decrease the hell def. Also to max damage in cells may increase wizardry and skill damage