How to build a Summoner (SUM) character in MU Online - SS15 Non Reset

Referring to Wizard (SM) is mentioned first class are likely to cause frequent nightmares with all other classes as he possesses the skills with the amount of damage terrible as electric shock, explosive energy, or skills suck blood like vampires, or reduce damage buffs, def opponent lull and self buff counter dame for themselves.

Continue thematic classes on how to build, how to increase class in MU Online POINT - The Maze Game, today we come together with increasing racial wizard (summoner) - SM.

Summoners  are born from ELBELAND, village recluse located in the southwest of the MU continent. According to legend a long time, it is inhabited by people with supernatural abilities, they are very sensitive and easily communicate with the spirits not transcendence. Due to the original source, the  Summoner  inherits all the magic of the ancestors. They took the magic weapon. Also they have the skills and called soul suck blood to support themselves. Opponent being struck soul will be enchanted and lost a considerable amount of blood.
1. How to gain ESM - Summon max damge

- This line is pure dame of course, moderate blood, murder and leave also ultra flat and quick, train + ks + kill the boss, then of course any damage rolls less pure class. 

- How to build the most basic:
 + Str enough dressing
 + Agi enough wear and increased slightly to reach speeds hit 100
 + Vit does not raise or increase 1 bit enough to withstand one hit bosses.
 + Ene all the remaining point 

Unlike in the server resets the private, in SS15 None Summon reset electric shock that can not kill enemies quickly, mainly rated by skill Ruud reduce def monster charms attached to the team beaten. Skill buy at NPC James Ruud Ruud sell at Elbland

Summon the master's table 3

2. How to increase VSM - max Summon Blood

- This line is not too healthy but dame line blood very special onion buffalo and other classes are very happy, especially to be able to stand for opponents dare not beat it.

 - How to build this line standard: 
+ Str enough dressing
+ Agi enough dressing
+ 500 or 700 Ene enough attention to learn the skill
+ Vit add all of points remaining

Blood will be buffalo, Agi speed fast enough to have good reviews, Ene still fast enough to practice. Build this style you will incorporate Buff Reflective Dame, ranked opponents hit and it rolled die. Meet rivals many blood as DK or flying trotted like DW, then let it eat amulet lull, afterwards BUF reduced damage, reduced def on its body and sucking blood it to death, or for teammates to rape it death.

You make based on this basic share to build yourself one class SM became a nightmare for any rival offline. Having fun.