Introduction Class 10th - Slayer - Mu Online SS15 - Non Reset

Slayer is a hybrid character between ethnic militants and bats, Slayer is capable of high-speed combat using physical skills and wings of bats.
Slayer uses a short sword as a weapon, access quick goals and create a series of attacks on multiple targets. Attack multiple enemies in a large range.
Slayer also to the granting 150-220-380-400 and 800 to change the character level.

1. History of character Slayer - Mu Online Season 15

Slayer  originally a person born in Floriania, reproduced by experiments Kundun is a combination between human and monster bats.
After fleeing Kundun, recognize the mysterious woman was revived after her mother was executed, Slayer is find out what happened to her and what had happened to her. Slayer are now seeking power for myself to try to assassinate Kundun .....

2. Basic Information of Slayer - Mu Online Season 15

Place of birthLorencia
Basic parametersHPManForceAgilityStaminaEnergy
Character classesDefaultClass 2Class 3
Slayer Royal Slayer Master Slayer 
PartySlayer, Dark Knight, Summoner

3. Exclusive Muun Slayer - Desmodus

Slayer character begins with eggs  Desmodus in inventory.  Right-click on an egg will give you Desmodus Level 1.

EvaluatePure SkillTime statistics
Class 3
Skill attack speed Muun (No PVP)
Skill attack
Speed increased 2 times
(time limit 30 days)
The development and evolution of Desmodus can be done through the Mission earlier. When completing quests, you will get  Desmodus  and  Evolution Stone  as a reward.
Quest rewards
The first task
Desmodus Level 1
The second task
Desmodus Level 1
The third task
Desmodus Level 1
Tasks Wednesday
Desmodus Evolution Stone

4. Skills

Slayer can use the skills of  the Dark Knight   , as well as exclusive skills for Slayer
Skill sharing

Exclusive skills of Slayer

Sword Inertia

Bat Flock

Fierce Attack


5. Equip Slayer - Mu Online Season 15

The low level and jade items skills Slayer
It can be purchased from  Lorencia at NPC  Anxious Alex (115, 120)
Equip often
weaponKris, Short Sword, Katana, Sword Assassin, Blade, Gladius, Serpent Borg, Double Blade
WingSmall Wing Satan, Satan Wings, Dragon Wings, Chaos Wings, Wings of Good and Evil, Conqueror Wings.

Equipped particularities of race Slayer

Weapon: Short Sword (Short Sword)

The armor of the Slayer:

Ngoc Slayer Skills: