The strongest Mu Online class season 15 - Non reset

Play the strongest class, the best race in Mu Online season 15? Those questions are often asked by newbie brothers. However, the answer is "do not know", yes, any class has advantages and disadvantages of each character's stage of play, which we will talk more carefully below.


Over nearly 20 years of existence, the classic Mu Online game has updated to season 15 with a lot of valuable changes and upgrades.

1. Set of 3 legendary classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and ELF.

First, it's undeniable that the 3 legendary classes are DK (BM), DW (SM) and ELF are always strong classes, important factors in every battle. Up to ss15, the power of these three races is confirmed as Webzen's three children.

Dark Knight (Blade Master - BM)

Warriors of the MU continent at ss15 have one more step in favor of leaps and bounds, it is possible to perform combos on the back of wolves and mounts. You can approach the target in a flash from a distance, even when riding a wolf or certain mounts.
This brings absolute mobility to the Warrior in pvp or successful battle. Accompanied by heavy damge, heavy blood, buffalo makes DK always the soul of every battle.
- Train is difficult, some servers create Spot monsters that grow 1 point, this makes DK a little easier, but with close and narrow combat, DK always disadvantages when participating in training at Blood Castle. or Devil Square.
No problem, level has friends with Guild pull, worry keke
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Dark Wizard - (Soul Master - SM)
Our silver-haired sorceress has been fighting for years with famous skills such as Teleport, mana shield and the terrible attack skills of Ruud - Meteo Storm and Meteo Strike.
Considered to be the most almighty class of Mu Online in every season, DW is popular in all activities, from level training, boss battles, successes, pvp ...
With the ability to teleport his entire team, DW is always a human most hunted in population wars.
In this ss15 DW still holds his unique position with the ability to teleport on the wolf, when the tele is still able to use his Meteo strike.
Especially the train map of ss15 is the map of  Abyss Atlans and  Scorched Canyonthen the Elite monsters are strong, only DW with strong mana and Meteo Storm attack skills can level up here. Disadvantages: Initial training level 1-400 and Q Master makes master suffering if no one pulls, weak map. After having a master, it is extremely healthy. See also: How to increase DW points and How to increase masters 4 DW
ELF - Noble Elf

Elves who follow any line are indispensable, but the most played Elf is still the Elf, full Agi. Because the buff line has not yet increased the buff power in Master 4. The specific weapon for the buff line is not available.
Elves are really strong, strong right from level 1 to the later, with the weapon's Triple skill, upgraded 2 times through Master 3 and Master 4, each firing 5 rays with countless turns of damage hitting the opponent, SNAKE REGULAR defeating opponents from afar is extremely dangerous.

Because of causing too much damage in one shot, causing Elf to lag after increasing many points to master 4 to support his Triple skill.
There is a way to increase the master to avoid dis elf for blood or devil, you see here: PLUS ELF POINTS
Elf is a wise choice for those who want to play leisurely from the beginning, strong forever, when needed, can be buffed to buffs for bos hunting, successful.
Less blood, not high defense, skill or lag when monsters stand near.

2. 2nd generation: Magic Gladiator - Dark Lord and Summoner
The next generation of the legendary trio said the warriors mixed, the gladiator mastered the spell and the sword, the master mastered what made hell animals, long-range physics skills have increased damage through magic power, the cursed Wizards, summoned powerful spirits to fight.

Magic Gladiator (Magic Knight - MK)
Gladiator, the   biracial offspring of the DW race with the DK race mastery of martial arts. MG since its appearance showed the strength of its advantages that are: many points and many spells, many ways to play.
We need to pay attention to the extremely strong point of MG is: MG than DW in being able to hold 2 sticks, MG than DK in place of physical damage from a distance and many effects.

So we can see immediately how to play MG is to choose one of the two roads, and chose which route to build absolutely that line.
eMG - Cam 2 socket max weapons or the main hand holding the strongest Ruud weapon, the socket handle has many pearl socket. Forcing SD removal lines for both-hand weapons, MG will have in hand 30% eliminating extremely dangerous SD defense.
sMG  - Holding the same stick but increasing the str and holding the sword. MG's Ruud skill is very strong, but unfortunately, the range is not far away. The skill of the sword weapon of light slash is very far but there is no master 4 support so it is quite weak, this is the most unfortunate for MG in ss15.
If weapons skills have a master 4 enhancement, sMG will be extremely strong.

Choose MG perfect for level training, collective play, standing far away meteors defeat opponents.
Cons: Low
health, weak defense, no useful buff skill

Dark Lord - Empire Lord - DL
Just like the ELF, the Dark Lord race has a fairly easy start with a level of 7 points, Fire Dragon skill is very strong.
Add to that the defensive support and long-range attack of the horse, making DL extremely resistant.

Until ss14, DL was still rated as the National Class =)) because of its mobility, good train, good boss hunting, solo every map because there are stuns in master 4.
However, until ss15, all classes are no longer debuff. Stun in master 4 too, so the number of DL players is quite disappointing.
DL advantage is a good buffalo, fast attack with very powerful Ruud skill, but not great damage, mainly based on fast attack, causing debuff stun with monsters and bosses, which makes DL hunt the boss quite leisurely.
So in ss15 DL is no longer as strong as before, DL only has the strong advantage of being able to summon teams, which is very beneficial when attacking successfully and pulling small acc =))
Small damage, slow flying skill , difficult to catch fast moving targets.
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Summoner - Dimension Summoner
The wizard is   full of magic, in ss14 and earlier, SM was not so popular because of lack of maneuverability, very slow attack speed skill, weak health, weak defense.
At that time, SM was only used to buff counter damage to teammates and themselves to make suicide bombs.

Oh, but ss15 is different, SM seems to completely change, attack speed is fast, thick damage, there are more ruud books, socket books, there are special lines magic.
This makes SM have more ways of playing the game.
SM returns to the boss hunting position very quickly, counter dangerous damage, strong attackers, spread and cool ^^
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Not long range, pvp is not strong, only thanks to counterattack waiting for the opponent to make mistakes

3. New elements: Rage Fighter, Grow Lancer and Rune Wizard

Seeming to realize that DK's power overwhelmed other races in pvp, Webzen thought of creating strong, bloody, strong melee warriors. Thus appeared the muscular Rage Fighter, the powerful Grow Lancer and the powerful Rune Wizard.

Rage Fighter -  Fist Blazer - Iron Gear - RF
One of the most playable classes is this RF guy.
Increased vit tìi according to the melee fighting line
Increasing agi, following the distance of fighting from afar
Increasing ene, following the way of fighting kicking flare of silk =))
However, it is true that webzeb has corrected weakening RF too much Kicked-down skills have narrowed the gap, replaced by a fairly close-range ruud skill.

Next is the manual rate of RF and manual are much lower than other classes.
This has made RF from SS14 up to now, losing a lot of players to this class. Still not a warrior guy strong enough to take down DK.
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Grow Lancer - Shining Lancer - GL
 The first point is that GL has very large attribute damage, the more Agi increases, the bigger the attribute damage is.
GL is a difficult class to play, needing to invest a lot of money to show it because GL is close-ranged, no close skills, no control skills.
Therefore GL needs to be equipped with a full socket to withstand the attack, using genuine attribute books with Radian rooted to be able to pvp delicious
View: Attribute book and genuine Radian
Sang ss15, GL has not been added a buff yet, everything is still just a passion for playing, but this class is too difficult to play.

Rune Wizard - Rune
The half-bloods of the Elf and DW tribe, they don't look like they're fighting like this ^^
Yes, Rune mastered DW's magic, turning magic into arrows firing like ELF, however RUNE's attack speed was too slow, so up until ss15, there were not many players in this class.
This class still stops at exploration, practice and boss hunting.
How to play Rune is quite simple, see here: How to add Rune Wizard points

4. The trump card Online ss15 - Slayer

Slayer of the race of DK and the bat has brought us many interesting things, Slayer mastered the basic skills of DK, with 3 special skills of the bat. Slayer has a fast attack output, fairly heavy damage, especially pet Bat has a great deal of damage when it matures.
Currently Slayer is still a mystery because no one has equipped the max map, max level, but we can always judge that the Slayer class will balance the power balance between the three legendary races and the following races. this.
Slayer has the ability to detect DW's stealth when teleport
Slayer has a skill that bypasses the defense, buffs the entire
Slayer team to use 2 hands 2 weapons, attacks, attacks, attacks, increases agi to damage very strong
This will make the The power of DK and DW with ELF will be greatly reduced when the opponent has Slayer in the team.
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Playing MU is passionate, no class is completely strong, no class is completely wasted, depending on your needs and financial ability, you choose a class to play for comfort.
Want to play easily, fight monsters, hunt good bosses, good activities you should play: ELF, MG, DL
Want PvP you play: DK, DW, GL (spend a lot of money)
Play explore, support him I play: RF, RUNE, SUM, SLAYER

Wish you play MU Online ss15 happily.